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Tournament Rules

The Deep South Bowl is a weekend consisting of a variety of double, trio, and team events all with individual prize funds paid out at the end of each squad.  Mixed events require at least 1 male and 1 female.  UBA and non-UBA members are welcome.  UBA members are encouraged to wear their team jerseys.  

ENTRY FEE: $50.00 per person, per event.  A $20.00 deposit per person, per event is required to hold your spot.  Deposits will be accepted online beginning Tuesday, January 4, 2022 and close Thursday, February 3, 2022.  Only walk-in entries will be accepted after February 3, 2022.

WALK IN ENTRIES:  Walk-Ins will only be allowed based on lane availability.  Fee will increase to $60/per person per event.

MAXIMUM ENTRIES: This tournament will be limited to the max paid entries listed in the "List of Events" tab for each event.  Prize fund will be returned 100%

PAYOUT RATIO: 1:5 will cash. 

DEPOSITS: Fully refundable until February 1, 2022.  No deposits will be refunded after that date.   

TEAM LINEUPS: Team lineups will be due no later than February 1, 2022.

TOURNAMENT FORMAT: All events are handicap with an optional scratch entry at check-in.  Check-In will begin 1 hour prior to each squad.


(1)  Highest book average from the 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 season of 21 or more games, including summer. 

(2)  CURRENT league average if 10+ pins or higher

(3)  Re-rated average if bowler has been re-rated in ANY tournament (whether or not the re-rate was accepted) in the past 12 months. 

(4) If no average available under these rules, bowler will bowl scratch.  

Failure to report current or rerated average will result in disqualification, forfeiture of entry fees, and possible banishment from future events. 

Handicap will be 80% of 220.  

Baker handicap will be 1/4 of the total team handicap per baker game. 

Scotch handicap will be 1/2 of the total team handicap per scotch game.  

TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO RERATE ANY BOWLER AT ANY TIME.  Any re-rates during the tournament are NOT retroactive and will only apply to any future games bowled.


  • The Baker Format requires each bowler to alternate frames to combine for one score on a single lane.

  • Bowlers will bowl in the following order:


1              Bowler A

2              Bowler B

3              Bowler C

4              Bowler D

5              Bowler A

6              Bowler B

7              Bowler C

8              Bowler D

9              Bowler A

10            Bowler B



  • The Scotch Doubles format requires each bowler to alternate balls to combine for one score.  

  • Bowlers may choose who starts and must alternate every shot (not frame).  


1                        Bowler A Throws a strike

2                        Bowler B knocks down 9 pins, Bowler A shoots the spare

3                        Bowler B throws a strike

4                        Bowler A knocks down 8 pins, Bowler B shoots the spare

5                        Bowler A throws a strike

6                        Bowler B knocks down 9 pins, Bowler A shoots the spare

7                        Bowler B knocks down 9 pins, Bowler A shoots the spare

8                        Bowler B knocks down 6 pins, Bowler A shoots the spare

9                        Bowler B throws a strike

10                      Bowler A throws a strike, Bowler B knocks down 9 pins, Bowler A shoots the spare

LATE BOWLERS: Bowlers that are late will receive a 0 for each frame missed.  NO make-up frames allowed.

BRACKETS/SIDE POTS:  Optional Brackets and Side pots will be available during tournament play.  All Brackets and Side pots are paid in cash same day.

SUBSTITUTIONS: No substitutions will be allowed once the squad has begun bowling for score.

COVID SAFETY - Masks are encouraged, but not required.  Additional precautions may apply based on state regulations

Any Rules not covered here will follow USBC rules.


TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Amanda Franco - (818) 482-7136

Tournament Coordinator:     Anthony Shawler – (334) 663-4273

HOST CENTER:  Bowlero Lilburn 3835 Lawrenceville Highway, Lawrenceville, GA 30044

UBA Deep South Franchises:   Dirty South Legends – Lilburn GA;  Southern Asylum – Douglasville GA;  Wasted Potential – Savannah, GA; Augusta Reign – North Augusta SC; Spartanburg Savages – Spartanburg SC;  BUFU – Columbia SC; BodySnatchers – Cayce SC; Complete Anarchy – Columbia SC; The Outsiders - Roswell GA

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