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February 4-6, 2022

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Deep South Bowl is the premier recruiting event for the teams of the Deep South Region.  Our first year event pulled in nearly 300 bowlers from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama for a weekend of this unique brand of bowling.  

Come get a sense of the culture, the events, and meet the owners and members of the region.  Deep South Bowl is a tournament unlike anything else in the region.  

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The Deep South is a district within the Underground Bowling Association covering South Carolina and Georgia.  The district consists of 8 individual franchise teams that compete within the Southeast Region.  It is a culture truly apart from your normal bowling experience.  

Deep South Bowl 2021 will be the inaugural recruiting event for the region.  Any USBC sanctioned bowler may bowl.   

There will be multiple types of bowling events including singles, doubles, trios, and team events.  

We will have a DJ playing music throughout the event.  This will be a weekend with ample opportunities to make money; from the tournament itself, to brackets and side pots for each event.  It is a very fun, competitive atmosphere with a large block-party flair.  

Come experience the culture and meet many of the team owners and bowlers!

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Tournament Director: Amanda Franco


Pre-Sales for 2022 Have Closed.  Limited Walk In Spots Available for $60 per bowler
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